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Terry Cutler hacker digital locksmiths

You can call me a hacker…I don’t mind. It’s right there on my business card: Certified Ethical Hacker. Because that’s what I do. If you ask me to, I’ll break into your home desktop or your company’s computer system or a large corporation’s IT system.

Why would you want me to do that?

You’d rather that I did it before the unethical, evil hacker does it first and turns your life upside down in costly and cruel ways that you can’t even imagine. It happens every minute of every day in today’s digital world, a world of which you are a citizen.




Cybersecurity Expert is a more official title for my work. I am the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of the IT security and data defense company Digital Locksmiths Inc. We protect small businesses, large agencies, families and individuals from cyber-criminals who victimize an estimated 1.5 million people a day, 600K on Facebook alone.


Terry Cutler CTO ethical hacker Digital locksmiths

Sometimes we’re called “white hats,” like the good guys in the old Westerns. I don’t mind that either. A more accurate analogy for me is the modern forensics experts in the CSI television series because I also work to identify the perpetrators of crime and, more importantly, the potential perps. Maybe the most accurate identification for me would be “white robe,” for the white gi that I put on to practice Aikido. This art of self-defense is an apt reflection of what I do when I go to work for you.

There’s always work to be done. It’s a daily challenge to defend honest people and businesses in this incredibly fast-changing cyber-environment. The incidence of identity theft, credit card hacking, child abduction and bullying (not to mention business and political spying) is ever-increasing, and government and law enforcement agencies are not able to keep up. In addition to their best efforts, it is up to you to protect yourself, your family, your interests.

I can help. In addition to my company’s work, I give Internet Safety lessons online and in-person to conventions, organizations, businesses, community associations, and ordinary folks everywhere. I also accept many invitations to do media interviews on TV, radio, in print and online publications. Each time I make a presentation, it gives me hope that people are waking up to the reality that, along with the wonderful benefits that the Internet brings, danger is lurking at your very doorstep.

Terry Cutler CTO ethical hacker Digital locksmiths

There’s one other name that I go by: Magician. For years, my hobby has been performing up-close magic tricks and illusions to friends and family as a hobby.  You won’t believe your eyes. It’s a lot of fun! And, but for the “magician’s code,” I could show you exactly how it works … but I can show you how invisible enemies will do things to you that aren’t fun. No fun at all.

Cybersecurity, ethical hacking, internet self-defense and education: this is what I do. I’ll do it for you. Please explore my web site and contact me.





Terry provided much needed knowledge, helping secure one of our dedicated servers and preventing us from a wide range of hacking attempts.
I have known Terry for a couple of years but never really understood what his exact skillsets actually encompassed. After attending Brainshare and watching him demonstrate his abilities I have a new understanding of his aggressive approach to keeping up with new threats and attacks that we face in our IT world. I would strongly reccomend him for any IT needs that you face on a daily basis as well as future IT rollouts you may be planning. Wade Kohn Specialized Solutions
I have worked with Terry as Novell Engineer within a few of our projects with Novell. He is a very detailed oriented and dedicated service provider and I would recommend him to any of my Business Partners and colleagues.
Terry has been amazingly accommodating, accessible and willing to assist in aiding and abetting the success of my students both academically and professionally. I consider his guidance to be most invaluable!
Terry's extremely knowledgable and is a pleasure to work with. The depth of his understanding regarding complex technical issues, coupled with his ability to manage tough customer situations, would make him a valuable asset to any company in this industry.
Who knows what goes on in Cyberspace and how secure you and your data are? Terry Cutler does! And he imparted just a brief bit of his knowledge and lessons to the Ottawa Chapter of the International Association of Administrative Professionals in March, 2014. This was the second time that Terry was invited back to the chapter, as he is a wealth of information, and a very good presenter on such a "scary" topic! Terry easily connected with the varied age-range and computer literacy of [...]
I will forever be grateful for having Terry allow me to join him and his team at Digital Locksmiths. I have learned so much over these last eight months, and I can't wait to keep growing. I have no doubt that Digital Locksmiths will continue to grow with Terry leading the way.
Terry is one of those gems in the IT world - someone who truly cares about his customers/students. We have known each other for many years and have many mutual interests in the security industry. I am completely confident when recommending Terry to my customers and colleagues - I know he will get the job done right!
I have worked with Terry Cutler and find him to be very professional and skilled. He works well in a self-directed role as well as in a team role. Terry is very competent in Novell products and Info Security methods and technology. Thomas
Terry was a very engaging and informative speaker. It was clear early on that he is an expert in his field, yet he is able to present in a non-threatening way to those less familiar with his content. I truly enjoyed every minute of his presentation and look forward to following along with his resources and valuable information in the future, and hopefully see him speak again soon!
One Saturday morning around 8am I went to work on FTB and realized it had been severally hacked. One of my teammates and I posted on FB that we needed help and someone left Terry’s info. I contacted Terry by email immediately. He called me within 15 minutes and we made a plan together on how to manage the hacking. Terry spent the whole day working one-on-one with Editor-in-Chief and I via phone and online. He didn’t let us go until the problem was fixed. His dedication and perseverance [...]
Terry is someone very trustworthy, very professional and dynamic. It is always a pleasure to do business with him since he always finds what we're looking very quickly and brings, when needed, solutions and recommendations..He is available and reliable. He is one incomparable support person.
In my role at the Lester B. Pearson School Board, I work to link business and educational partners to teachers and students of the Lester B. Pearson School Board. A very important and essential program brought forward at the LBPSB by our Educational Services team was "Digital Citizenship", allowing teachers and students to better understand the importance of bringing forward the ethics of digital citizenship and the importance of understanding that our digital footprint is with us for life. [...]
Terry was a guest speaker at the Ottawa Chapter International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) presenting on "How Hacker's Pick YOU". His presentation was extremely informative and eye opening for many of us working in the administrative field. It also provided us with great information we could take home for use within our family life. We hope to hear him speak again at a possible future IAAP event!
Terry's passion for all aspects of IT Security is unparalleled. Through continued aggressive effort and investment, he keeps his knowledge and skills on the bleeding edge of that specialty. Some may see this level of dedication as fanaticism, and that's probably true, but the end result is that this zeal has made Terry one of Canada's foremost expert in IT Security today. Terry has become the “go to guy” for many News and Trade Organizations seeking expert commentaries on the subject of IT [...]
Terry has been a long time advocate and friend of Core Security. He has taken every opportunity to promote Core at industry events, at customer sites and even on TV. His deep understanding of the product enables him to clearly articulate the business value of the product, while ensuring that its technical capabilities are full addressed.
HI! Terry was a great person and I often use his service to solve technical issues. If he doesn't have the answer, he will follow all the information to the right person to help us. it's also very patient.
Terry was excellent working with senior customer executives to resolve business issues.
Terry is a very usefull guy. The type of person you need around. He is always available 24 by 7.
M. Terry Cutler et M Wadih Tannous sont des entrepreneurs dans l'âme. Quel privilège que de travailler avec des entrepreneurs aussi brillants ! Pour eux, ils n'existent pas de problèmes juste des solutions. Leur esprit créatif et leur sens des affaires est unique. Je reconnais avoir énormément appris et j'en suis très reconnaissant.
Terry is a very motivated individual. His professional attitude and desire to achieve put him at the head of his game. Terry strives to attain professional growth, and work hard to assist others to do the same.
When it comes to digital security, Terry Cutler is the most knowledgeable person I have ever met. Always helpful and insightful, Terry saved us a tremendous amount of time and money with our server security issues. If you suspect that you have been hacked, or better still, if you want to prevent being hacked, I highly recommend that you contact Terry.
I have known Terry for many years and find that there are very few his equal when it comes to network security. He has great in depth knowledge of Encryption and Security Protocols and I would highly recommend him for virtually any role designing, consulting or implementing a secure networking infrastructure.
Terry is very knowledgeable about Internet safety. Students were engaged and enjoyed his presentation.
Terry est un des plus grand expert en securité informatique au Québec. Il donne toujours une expertise de qualité et un service impeccable. Terry est une référence en matière de sécurité informatique. Merci d'être un de nos partenaire de confiance. Alexandre Léger SRS
Terry Cutler is one of the most valuable people I have ever worked with. Experienced Ethical Hacker - that's Terry Cutler! That's him - open minded, multi-skilled, dedicated and precise strategist. Experienced and honest co-worker, a person you can trust when you want to be sure that important tasks will be completed in a systematic and precise way. I enjoyed working with him on the various projects we took on.
Terry is my new go-to-person. I just recently called upon Terry after hearing so many great things about him and his work. We just moved our companies head office and were stuck in a “911 situation”. Without any prior notice, Terry came to the rescue. He was easy to talk to, efficient and knowledgeable. In this day in age, you would expect to find many companies/people like him but the truth is, there isn’t. He is one of a kind and simply the best. Eva Sardo Manager MIH [...]
Digital Locksmiths have performed a great job in KSA Shura Council project where they have scanned the network perimeters, tested the vulenrabilities and recommended the correct remediations steps to reach a highly secure environment.Well done...
Had been having repeated problems with our web servers getting hacked. Terry gave us a hand and pointed us in the right direction,giving us invaluable help in getting this issue resolved. Been going great ever since. Many thanks to Terry and his team ! Cheers!
Terry is a very knowledgeable individual with great networking and technical expertise. I have had the pleasure of collaborating with him on several information security related matters and look forward to much more in the years to come.
I worked with Terry for several years while at Novell. Always attentive, Terry placed his customers first and was proactive in his pursuit of meeting their needs. This included identifying any areas for knowledge transfer and training needs. Along with being a technical go to person for his customers, Terry's insight and awareness of customer needs helped make numerous training sessions possible across Canada! A fantastic PSE, his customers were able to meet their objectives with his [...]
Terry is a true professional in the field of Ethical Hacking. He and his team have always operated with integrity and resolve. He is an invaluable tool in our arsenal.
Terry is a tremendous technical engineer, but more importantly he does an excellent job managing difficult situations with customers. He was assigned to a very large customer and was able to improve the performance of their systems and resolve many outstanding issues which completely changed their perception of our company. He is a go-getter who continually focuses on learning and self-improvement. I would highly recommend Terry for any role.
Terry is one of those unique individuals that is both technical, as well as personable. He has the ability to build an immediate rapport with customers, partners, and colleagues. Through his many years in this industry, he brings an incredible amount of expertise to the table, yet has the ability to explain technical concepts in an easy to understand way. During our work together at Novell, Terry set the standard for the entire team often going above and beyond to understand and address our [...]
I've been working with Terry during a very very critical situation for a common customer of ours. Both my company and Terry's were involved in this situation and we had to work together to resolve the big issues. All along those hard times where pressure was constant and prevailing, Terry could demonstrate his personal qualities as well as his high level of professional skills. He always stayed positive, proactive, searching for solutions and always kept his mind calm with good mood, to [...]
We had Terry visit our school and the students were so engaged, listening and asking questions. The topic was to stay safe on the internet. I highly recommend him. The presentation was reel and the children really connected with him.
Terry is a very talented support professional with a particular skill bent in "white hat hacking" He's well respected in the security community and really does know his stuff. His work has been published in national newspapers and he has appeared on radio explaining information security for the lay person. Terry is keenly interested in growing his skills in security particularly and brings great enthusiasm and aptitude to this important area.
In working with Terry I've found him to be diligent, informative, and a solid team player.
Terry Cutler is a passionate individual who has been known to invest an incredible amount of effort to ensure his customers receive the best possible attention when a software crisis affects their networking infra-structure. Terry is not adverse to sacrificing his own personal time when it means the difference between success or failure of a customer's operations. Since roughly 2005 Terry has been fascinated with IT security, and has invested significant personal time to earn his [...]
Always very helpfull and resourcefull. Very glad to have worked with him. I can always count on him.