Impact player victim of sextortion

A player with the Montreal Impact has been the victim of an extortion attempt.

Last year Michael Salazar was chatting online with a woman when he performed a sexual act on camera — unaware that he was being recorded.
When the soccer club announced Salazar had been signed as a new recruit, they received a demand to pay up or the compromising video would be released.
The Impact informed police and have been working with officers to track down the offender.
Salazar’s is a typical case of sextortion, says cyber security expert Terry Cutler, who added that paying up doesn’t always mean it’s over.
“Once the ransom is paid, [the victim expects] the video to be deleted but copies are usually made so if they want to extort them in the future they could,” he explained.
In Canada the rate of teenage sextortion cases rose 40 per cent last year, but anyone could be a victim. Cutler says internet users must understand the moment they send someone a video, they no longer control it.
“They are really putting the trust in the other person that they are keeping it secret,” he said.

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Police search for Metro trespassers who made ‘Lowest Point in Montreal’ video

Montreal police are investigating after a video was posted on Youtube that shows a group of people sneaking into the city’s metro system to take pictures, film video and even light fireworks. Global’s Kelly Greig reports.

MONTREAL — From sneaking into Montreal Metro stations and opening a maintenance hole to scale into the tunnels, a group of people are videoing themselves illegally entering the city’s the underground system.

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The Montreal Canadiens organization is getting a harsh lesson in social media

Terry Cutler was interviewed by Global News Montreal to talk about how the Montreal Canadiens organization is getting a harsh lesson in social media after it tried to celebrate one million Twitter followers. Global’s Kelly Greig explains.

MONTREAL – On Tuesday night February 26, 2016, the Montreal Canadiens‘ official Twitter account said it would “celebrate one million Twitter followers with a few surprises for you!”

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